Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mind Apes

It's early days - but keep checking the Mind Apes blog. All of the artists from Mindshapes will be contributing some personal artwork soon! Artists include...

Matt Latchford
Chris Garland
Andrew Mcdonald
Miklos Weigert

The Autumn Society

I am now a member of the website 'The Autumn Society'! This is one site I have been visiting avidly for the past year or so, and I am very excited to now have the chance to post my work on there. 

'The Autumn Society is a worldwide collective of Illustrators, Painters, Cartoonists, & Designers that share and post their work on a regular basis'

Visit the Mars Canyons with Captain Future!

My first submission for Planet Pulp. The theme was fictional travel posters

Monday, 22 August 2011

Talking Courgette

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I was recently invited to become a member of the fantastic website Planet Pulp. Here a selected group of artists from around the world will produce images based on a different theme every month. I can't wait to get some of my work on there!

Check out the site here

Also this month will see my Life Aquatic poster presented in a book along with other alternative movie posters. Created by Alternative Movie, I should be getting my copy very soon - when I do, I will post some photographs on here.

In the next week or so I will be helping to set up a website for Talking Courgette - a collective of artists creating short films. Talking Courgette are James Stone (3D modeller and VFX, Cinesite), Dan Mason (modeller, texture artist - Cinesite) and myself.

Check out James' showreel here 

I will also be taking part in a group exhibition at some point. A group of artists from the company Mindshapes (where we work) ,will be setting up a blog to show our personal work. More information very shortly.

Concept Design

It's been a while so here are some early concept designs for a short I am working on with two VFX guys.