Sunday, 26 February 2012


Here is an image rendered in 3D in a low poly style by my friend James Stone, who is a vfx artist. I did the design for it about a year ago for him to model a less stylised version 
for a class he was teaching at the Animation Workshop.

Another update...
Update 1
James sent me this today. He is taking shape!

Part of a character sheet for my friend James Stone to model when he teaches at Th Animation Workshop next week. It is Bryan Cranston.


Ricós said...

Great Heisenberg!, can I please upload it to tumblr? crediting you and linking to this page or autumn society or whatever you want, of course.


Hey cheers yeah upload it and put a link here if you could. Thanks again!

BETOWERS said...

hahaha is super cool!!!!!!
Breaking Bad power! :D

Ricós said...

Sorry for the delay, I had to create a tumblr blog and all… the bad news is that Heisenberg only got 1 positive… but I also uploaded your Indy:

who, in 3 hours, has got 32 positives and has been promoted by the tumblr staff to the top of the "Illustrations" list. People are loving it. If my tumblr wasn't a newborn and I had a bunch of followers, the pic and the links to your page would have spread A LOT.

Thank you very much, James. And keep up the good work!