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Recent interview for Inkygoodness about the Simple Machines app

You can purchase simple Machines here

Interview with TINYBOP

My interview with TINYBOP for their recent app SIMPLE MACHINES

'Every app we make gives us the chance to explore new ideas from different perspectives — including that of the artist we’re collaborating with to illustrate the app. For our newest app, Simple Machines, that artist was James Gilleard. Here’s a little more about his process, working life, and inspirations.'


My image for the retro video games show at IAM8BIT Gallery.


Here is the 'Simple Machines' app I have been working on with Tinybop - out now in the app store.

DISCOVER HOW SIMPLE MACHINES WORKUse a lever, screws, wheels and axles, inclined planes, wedges, and pulleys to send satellites into orbit, split an iceberg, make music, and more!

CONDUCT YOUR OWN EXPERIMENTSChange each machine and see what happens: can a scooter travel as fast and far as a bike? How many pulleys do you need to lift a spaceship?